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Music therapy can help fertility treatment options

Increasingly growing problem of infertility results in couples using assisted reproductive techniques (ART). From the moment of recognizing the problem to the decision to try ART the couple has, usually, already passed through a long and frustrating process which can impact their emotional stability. Psychogenetic reasons, even though there is not much resources in that field yet, should be considered in this process due to its potential influence on difficulties with conceiving. Many research statistics suggests that future parents could subconsciously become problem on its own. Just the process itself (ART) can already be an additional source of stress for the couple in the beginning. This subject is very complex and very specific. Thus very detailed oriented work with holistic approach should be considered to extract the elements which could interfere with the process. Based on our research we believe that work with the Benenzon music therapy model as a supplement treatment could positively impact the patient with her emotional and physical balance by which increasing success of ART process. Recent research in genetic, chemical and psychoanalytical field support the thesis. Emphasizing psychogenetic factors as factors which influence the entire course. Many research also show why musical therapy could be particularly helpful to pick up this topic and continue exploring it and can a fertility treatment option to complete, as support, the  actual fertility treatment options. Synergy between fertility institute and ours in Benenzon could not only help future parents in making ART experience and pregnancy more pleasurable, but also develop prenatal bound between the child and the parents. In this manner not only the dream of having a child becomes true but a dream of a happy social and potentially more intelligent child.

Discover why Music therapy can help fertility treatment options