Our services


Music therapy in fertility area

  • Help and support to improve male and female fertility

Music therapy within the prenatal area

  • Help and support to help intrauterine bond formation
  • Male and female psycho-emotional pregnancy maturation

Music therapy in the postnatal area

Help and support to facilitate:

  • strengthening the bond post intrauterine pregnancy
  • stimulating the newborn in suitable manner
  • building the foundation of communication between parents and newborn

Training in Music Therapy Model Benenzon

  • Formation of the 5 levels of the Benenzon Music Therapy Model required to obtain the official capacity of Technician in Benenzon Music Therapy Model

Didactic music therapy, and didactic sessions


  • Professional supervision to resolve personnel problems clinics

Professional staff care

  • Music therapeutic process to solve the problems of the staff of the clinics: stress, burnout, communication difficulties etc.